22 4 2019
"Remember, your inner world creates your outer world. Success starts by being happy on the inside", - Jackie Chan

Most of those who heard about Wing Tsun at first time as well as about every type of wushu are imaging of some gymnastics – calm, leisurely exercises for a healthy life. In fact, Wushu - is always a martial art. The rest is the character and the style of your shifu.
Despite that the distinctive feature of Wing Tsun – are relaxed body and mind – it is a bold, explosive, cold-blooded, but playful, with a sense of humor (that's important), unpredictable technique.
Most in martial arts are underestimate Wing Tsun, don't believe in it. One of the reasons is that Wing Tsun hasn't used as applied art, as it is. Most Wing Tsun practitioners can't leave their comfort zone, to fight back the system and stereotypes according to which Wing Tsun - doesn't the competitive art.

"Life is too short to not have fun", - Jackie Chan

Why is important to keep your sense of humor in martial arts? First of all, you shouldn't mix up a reasonable sense of humor and nonserious irresponsible attitude. The positive thinking and sense of humor help you to keep your mind open and be more flexible to react faster and be more unpredictable during the training as well as in sparing with the opponent.
Usually, people choose martial arts, where they are able – deliberately or unconsciously – to splash out their negative energy (stress, unsolved issues, unsatisfied in life, etc.). And it helps. But sometimes anger can take control under some students because they can't relax and their anger grows. The problem is that they can't feel it.
Inside Wing Tsun – as there is in everything that alive – there is a confrontation between Ing and Yan – between positive and negative energies. And if students can't take control under their negative vibes, their progress and growth are getting slow or even stopped. This fact effects not only on Wing Tsun improvement but on all aspects of life.

«It is difficult for a student to pick a good teacher, but it is more difficult for a teacher to pick a good student." - Yip Man

The idea of martial arts – not to try to take advantage over your teacher, not to find weak spots of his techniques or of himself, or to prove something to anyone including yourself, BUT to improve yourself, be a better version of yourself.
Discipline, patience, persistence and no pity for yourself - the only way to get success in Wing Tsun.


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