My friend, don't run ahead of life...
13 6 2019
My friend, don't run ahead of life
You, hurrying, doesn't do it longer
You better simply live and strive
To get more patient and stronger

Just be yourself and simply live
And know, your life is priceless treasure
And take world's love and take and give
The warm and love in equal measure

Express yourself and show your will
And be yourself day in, day out
There is so much for you to fill
There is so much to think about

There is its own special taste
In every day, from early mornings
There is no time for you to waste
For silly sorrows, empty mournings

There is no time for empty days
For empty thoughts and empty feelings
There are so many different ways
To give your life quite useful fillings

You should be simply strong enough
To take the world's all colors cast
And give the world your warm and love
And may your love forever last!


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